"No no– Heaven is that way!"
  Suggestions on a better way to design highrise communities for the very old.
  Amazing Taste
  New lyrics for an ancient hymn.
  Canines, Felines, and Respect
  The respect we accord to dogs is unrelated to their size, but with cats, our respect is directly correlated to how big they are.
  If there's "dogma" and "dogmatics", surely there must be "catma" and "catmatics"...
  Country Pleasures
  Here are all the ways two very different sorts of people— "Country Music" fold and "Whole Foods" aficionados— share a love of rural aAmerica.
  Elements at the University
  No fewer than 19 atomic elements have their departmental "champions" at the university.
  My personal definition for this exquisite phenomenon.
  Stand Over Your Man
  How the wife of a powerful man should respond when she discovers he's cheating on her.
  The Restoration of the Monasteries
  Lots of gay men are tired of the fast life of cities. Let's set up monastic houses for them so they can revive and beautify life in the American countryside.
  What a Friend We Have in Cheeses
  Three stanzas in praise of cheese.

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